Renowned Diagnostic Equipment


Premier Health Check uses renowned Wegamed devices which are backed by 25+ years of research and clinical trials.

Wegamed’s Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Wellness Devices are approved for medical use in Ireland, Germany (DIMDI) and several other countries. The devices are Class 2A CE-marked, clinically approved, FDA registered and MDSAP compliant.

The electrography and bioimpedance measurements can detect organ stress, potential abnormalities, chronic illness,and focal inflammation spots in the body as well as much more (see our ‘full Body Analysis’ below)  and they do so rapidly, effectively, and consistently in only a few minutes.

The diagnostic products provide accurate information on the sources of physical disorders that result in symptoms and a sensation of ill health. The therapeutic devices assist in completing your treatment plan and have a long-term impact on the process of physical regeneration.



In addition we use the market leading Cholestech LDX Analyzer which provides rapid accurate results to determine patient’s cholesterol levels, glucose levels, cardiovascular and diabetes health risks in only 5 minutes. 


Full Body Analysis

Using our Renowned Devices we complete a Full Body Scan of our patients.

The Full Body Scan screens:




✔️Autonomic Nervous System

✔️Blood Circulation


✔️ Metabolism

✔️ Energy Reserves

✔️Degree of Acidification in the

✔️Fitness and Muscle Analysis for Athletes

Our Full Body Analysis scans all major organ systems, connecting tissue and even emotional/mental states. It assists with identifying the root cause of illnesses, not just symptoms.

It helps us to evaluate functionals disorders, oxidative stress, energy reserves and systemic degeneration. It detects intolerances, dysfunctions and hidden inflammation across systems and provides information on regulatory and energy behaviour, tissue response and chronic disorders. It traces disturbance fields and exogenous pollution.

Conducting these tests can also assist in indicating the most favourable and effective time for clients to exercise and provides accurate feedback on the condition and the functionality of the client’s key organs.

Additionally, it conducts fitness and muscle analysis for athletes.

In addition, blood checks can also be undertaken in order to determine our client’s cholesterol levels and Glucose levels in the system. 

When all these tests are complete the results and data gives the Medical Advisors and Nurses a clear and comprehensive insight into the general well being of the client.

Qualified Medical Team 

Our qualified Medical Team will be fully involved in your Premier Health Check from start to finish.

Our Qualified Team includes Medical Advisors, Registered Nurses, Trained Technicians and Support team.

At your initial appointment you will be met by our Trained Technicians who will complete your Initial Tests, Body Scan and Personalised Report.

All of this information will be sent by our Technicians to our Medical Team. Our Medical Team consists of Medical Advisors and Registered Nurses who will complete a full analysis and assessment of your health. After their analysis is complete, a member of our Medical Team will contact you for a phone consultation to explain the findings and assess the best treatment options to suit your needs.

Drug-free and Natural Options 

We provide clients with an alternative to the traditional approach to investigate why they may be feeling unwell.

With the knowledge and specific expertise of our medical team, armed with the hard data generated from our various diagnostic devices and tests conducted, our team generates a highly informed insight into the reason as to why our clients might be feeling somewhat unwell and assists in evaluating the physical health status of each of our clients.

We aim to find the root cause of illness and ailments within our clients.

The treatment options we give are based on a drug-free approach. We treat our clients with Homeopathic and Natural Medicine solutions, Dietary and Nutritional advice, Lifestyle advice and additional integrative therapy options.

We are proud to offer our clients the renowned Dr. Reckeweg homeopathic products to assist in their healing and recovery.

Given our long-established history, the reputation and standing of our directors in the sector and our unquestionable success to date, we have been accredited as and secured the exclusive distribution rights for Dr. Reckeweg Homeopathic medication therapies for the Republic of Ireland.

Dr. Reckeweg’s Homeopathic solutions are only available to purchase for Registered Homeopathic practitioners ONLY and can only be prescribed for patients by fully trained and registered practitioners.