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Michael Hughes  (C.H.M. B.C.S. D.M.H. D.M.N )

Due to an illness many years ago in his family, Michael became intensely interested in alternative treatments for disease, and he began intensive training in natural / complementary medicine. His initial focus was the study of nutrition, especially the use of food to strengthen the immune system, and of herbalism (the use of natural plant-based remedies), through educational programmes run by the School of Natural Health Sciences. Michael then supplemented these courses with four years of training in clinical science (with a particular emphasis on anatomy), and in homeopathic medicine through the then Institute for Holistic Health (Kent, UK).

Michael set up a health-screening practice called The Allergy and Treatment Clinic in 1997, and in 2007 he founded a further natural medicine clinic called Premier Health Check Ltd.

Michael installed a suite of the most up to date Health Screening equipment developed in German by a company called Wegamed. In that year they developed and brought to market an amazing device called Check Medical Sport, this device has the capability to scan the human body and detect any organ indicating ill-health or stress in less than 10 mins and print off a report. He also installed other Health Screening devices to check Cholesterol's (TC,HDL,LDL, and Triglycerides also Glucose levels and print off a report in less than 5mins, other devices include checks on Blood Pressure, Weight, BMI, Body and Visceral fat, Arterial Oxygen Saturation. SpO2, Resting Metabolism ( Kcal) Skeletal Muscle Percentage Reading.

He then went to Germany for a period of time to train with Wegamed in all aspects in the utilization of their equipment so as to be able to use and train other practitioners in their use.