About Us

Who We Are?

Premier Health Check Ireland was founded in 2007 to establish a “State of the Art Diagnostic” Health Screening Clinic. Through the application and use of a suite of modern and renowned diagnostic equipment, the clinic has the capacity and capability to expediently and accurately screen the overall health of patients in less than one hour. 

What we do?

We provide patients with an alternative to the traditional approach to investigate why they may be feeling unwell or simply they may seek comfort in the knowledge that they remain very healthy. With the knowledge and specific expertise of our trained practitioners, armed with the hard data generated from the various diagnostic devices and tests conducted, the practitioners generate a highly informed insight into the reason as to why the patient might be feeling somewhat unwell or alternatively assists them evaluating the physical health status of the patient. 

How we do it? 

Step 1. Initial Tests

When a patient presents at the clinic we initially record a brief personal medical history to determine if there are any underlying health issues causing the feeling, such as has the patient a Pacemaker fitted, a serious Heart Condition, experiencing Epileptic episodes, Obesity, Diabetes (high sugar diet), etc. The practitioner, by using the appropriate diagnostic devices, then proceeds to record Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation (SpO²), Weight, Body and Visceral Fat, (records BMI - Body Mass Index), Resting Metabolism (RM kcal), Skeletal Muscle Percentage, etc.

Step 2. Body Scan.

Once these initial tests are done the practitioner completes a full Body Scan of the patient which indicates the levels of Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements and Enzymes present along with Acidic composition and content. Conducting these tests can also assist in indicating the most favourable and effective time for patients to exercise and provides accurate feedback on the condition and the functionality of the patient’s key organs. In addition, blood tests are also undertaken in order to determine patient’s cholesterol levels and Glucose levels in the system. When all these tests are complete the resultant data gives the practitioner a clear and comprehensive insight into the general well being of the patient.

Step 3. Personalised Report

The outputs of the tests are then downloaded from the diagnostic devices used and presented to the patient in an easily understandable, user friendly, printed report of every organ showing indications of where particular organs may be under stress.

Step 4. Assessment & Consultation

Once the reports are compiled and reviewed by the trained practitioners, in consultation with the patient, we will provide recommendations in relation to addressing imbalances that appear from the health assessment. These recommendations may include prescribing Dr. Reckeweg Homeopathic solutions and/or a range of Health Supplements to help improve the Immune System, Build Muscle Mass, support Body Detox programmes, address Stress and Sleep problems and assist with Weight Reduction.
In some circumstances, where the information obtained from the diagnostic devices dictates, we would strongly recommend patients to consult with their own family doctor immediately. We are happy to advise that on many occasions, early interventions prompted by the information generated from the diagnostic devices and contained in the patients personalised health assessment report has helped a significant number of patients avoid a serious and dangerous deterioration in their health. 

What else do we do? 

Given our long-established history, the reputation and standing of our directors in  the sector and our unquestionable success to date, we have been accredited as and secured the exclusive distribution rights for Dr. Reckeweg Homeopathic medication therapies for the Republic of Ireland. We have also secured the exclusive rights to the sales and supply of Wegamed diagnostic equipment for the island of Ireland and the sales agency rights for equipment in the UK.
In addition, we have recently been accredited with the sole distribution rights for an exciting and innovative new range of Natural based Health Supplements. These supplements are available to purchase on line. We have listed a limited but very effective range of supplements, proven to help improve and boost the Immune System, Build Muscle Mass, Detox the system, assist with Weight Reduction and help with the treatment of Stress and Sleep Disorder. We also have an exclusive range of tasty energy drinks available for purchase online. 
To understand and appreciate the range and key benefits of these health boosting supplements available please click here or on the “Health Supplements” tab above on the website.
Dr. Reckerweg’s Homeopathic solutions are only available to purchase on line for Registered Homeopathic practitioners ONLY and can only be prescribed for patients by fully trained and registered practitioners.
If interested in becoming a fully trained registered practitioner please clink on this link and submit a summary of your details and qualifications. 

What our Patients say about us:  

Margaret – Lusk, Co.Dublin
“attending your clinic was extremely helpful, the best thing I have ever done! I will be making another appointment in the near future for another check up.” 


Ann – Northumberland, U.K.
“..the equipment you have in your clinic is second to none. Its diagnosis discovered under laying factors which, when found in time, have been treated successfully with no long term effects.” 


Barry – Blackrock, Co.Dublin
“I was quite unwell at the time and you assured me after the test that if I followed your instructions, I should be back to full health very soon. I did exactly as you suggested and after 5 weeks I feel a million dollars, thank you.” 


Margaret – Swords, Co.Dublin
“..so knowledgeable and dedicated to their work, takes a genuine interest in all their patients. At any stage where I felt unsure of my path I could phone them for guidance.” 


Sharon – Co.Dublin
“..their machine scanned my whole body and told me what was wrong. I was shocked as I had quite a number of things wrong. After my first month with Premier Health Check I was feeling amazing, and I’m able to do all the things I could not do for 4 previous years”