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Nano Steam

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Nano Steam
The Wegamed Nano Steam is able to to convert substances into nanoparticles. The nanoparticles are twenty times smaller than a human cell and can be easily absorbed by the pores of the human skin. 

Natural Products and Healing is Key to Long Term Health 
The issue of keeping healthy, both in the mind and the body, has become one of today's main topics. With the rise of people living longer than they used to, it's no surprise. To stay healthy the body has to be treated with healthy products is a very well  known concept. Therefore the importance of natural ingredients and substances has risen substantially.

How the System Works
A completely new development is founded on that logic and achieves impressive results regarding fitness and well-being by using natural products in a very efficient way. Where previous procedures failed the nano-nebulization technology enables us now to atomize liquids with a high viscosity into the smallest particles.

Clinical Approved Benefits
Clinical trials processed by universities have proven the effectiveness of the new Nano Steam device. The procedure is well suited to increase well being.

The device is clinically proven to help with: 

  • Supports the recovery from insomnia 
  • Natural pain relief and relaxation 
  • Improves mental functionality 
  • Boosts physical performance