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Med SelectMed
Select uses homeopathy to activate the body's self-healing ability through the bodies own regulation system. The therapy can be applied to variety of conditions including; allergies, skin issues, circulation problems and pain.

Activates Patient's Capacity for Self Healing via Bioresonance Therapy
Chronic illnesses, acute infections or pain mostly occur when the organism has lost the capacity to self-regulate. Med Select steers the organism’s regulation back into the right channels through bioresonance therapy – which is the most modern form technically possible today.

Applications as Individual as your Patients
All information on the causes of illness can be recorded electronically because the patient carries them within themselves. With a special preparation and regulating method, this information can be given back to the patient to neutralize or erase harmful influences completely. Up to 3000 saved ampoules and many preset programs allow for applications as individual as your patients.

Targets a Variety of Issues
This therapy is suitable in cases of allergies, toxins, chronic pain, old diseases, or even as a preventive measure to sustain and improve vitality. The methods of application are as diverse as in homeopathy.